Reduce Meetings & Office Gossip

Dan, Braden, and Jevin talk about why building rapport between remote workers and on-site workers is important to the company and how to reduce meetings and gossip.

#8: Daniel Pupius & Braden Kowitz

Daniel Pupius (@dpup) he worked on Google+ and Gmail, and co-founded the Closure library. He has an MA in Industrial Design from Sheffield University, and a BSc in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Manchester. In past lives Dan raced snowboards, jumped out of planes, and lived in the jungle.

Braden Kowitz (@kowitz) is passionate about creating great user experiences on the Web. He’s equal parts interaction designer, storyteller, guerrilla researcher, consensus builder, and scrappy prototyper. Over the past four years Braden has been focused on helping Google teams design and launch the first version of their product. He led design for Google Buzz, Gmail, Google Apps for Business, Google Spreadsheets, OpenSocial, and Google Trends.

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