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Transitioning 20 people from in-office to fully remote

Jevin and Jennifer talk about what it was like transitioning from office to a fully remote company.

Time tracking your remote team

Jevin & Liam Talk about how to track your remote team in a more productive way.

Venture Capital and remote startups

Jevin & Marvin talk about what Venture Capitalists think about remote work in startups.

How One on Ones Can Supercharge Your Team with Jason Evanish from Lighthouse

Jason Evanish is the CEO at - Helping managers become great leaders who motivate, grow, and inspire their teams.

Managing 30 Engineers Remotely at Digital Ocean

Shweta and Jevin talk about managing a remote team that has a different time zone, scattered all around the globe.

Reduce Meetings & Office Gossip

Dan, Braden, and Jevin talk about why building rapport between remote workers and on-site workers is important to the company and how to reduce meetings and gossip.

Coworking and Remote Work with Alex Hillman

Alex and Jevin talk about why coworking is important even if you're comfortable working from home and strategies to maximize your coworking experience for both introverts and extroverts.

1Password on evolving remote work over 13 years

1Password does audio only calls, has an empty office that can have 150 people, and goes on company cruises.

Team Collaboration in Virtual Reality

An episode about the future of remote teams and how we can be closer to each remote employee by using VR technology.

Staying Productive at Home

Learn how to increase productivity and reduce procrastination on this episode with Taylor Jacobson CEO & Founder of Focus Mate.

Feedback Done Properly Can Be Awesome

A very informative episode about growing your team through proper feedback.

Developing Close Relationships Remotely

A fun and insightful filled interview with CEO and Co-Founder of Donut, Dan Manian. We talked about what the Donut tool/software does and how it is useful for remote teams.

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